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Smallest 4GB USB Memory Stick Digital Voice Recorder UltraDisk DVR10  Reviewed by  The Independent, the British national morning newspaper published in London and included in the top ten digital voice recorders, regarded as The Clark Kent of the Dictaphone world, which changes from a fully functional 8Gb USB memory stick into an all-singing, all-dancing voice recorder with a 4.5-hour battery life and 6m range. 

2013 version 2.0  UltraDisk® USB 2.0 DVR10 memory stick Voice Recorder, cleverly disguised to appear and operate as a fully functional 8GB USB memory stick whilst the primary mechanism acts as a Digital Voice Recorder to discreetly and silently capture crystal clear audio recordings at 128kbps wav format.

Finished in a brushed silver design with black trim. The UltraDisk® USB DVR10 memory stick can be casually carried like an ordinary storage device but it's real powerhouse performance is to capture those important meetings, interviews, dictation or verbal slander within seconds. Carry it around wherever you want.

The UltraDisk® built in time synchronisation software helps you keep track of when (date/time stamp) the recording was made and how long.
The recorder is designed to be completely discreet and totally silent in operation with just a single slide switch for its entire working mechanism. You can record for 4.5 continuous hours (full battery charge) as one long audio file or record separate audio files for a total of 144 hours. Should you forget to stop the recording, the USB 2.0 UltraDisk® DVR10 memory stick will automatically store the files in WAV format at the end of its power supply so you do not lose any important data.

You can use the DVR10 anywhere, only insert into the PC to charge and transfer your recordings. Perfect for capturing thoughts, memories, ideas, reminders and great for gathering evidence, especially if you are a victim of bullying..

-Total recording/audio storage time:  8GB-144 hours
- Charging Time - 1 hour
- Recording Distance - up to 15ft
- 8gb data storage capacity
- Hidden LED indicates recording & charging process
- High sensitivity microphone
- USB 2.0/ 960kbps
- Recording Bit Rate - 128kbps
- Rec Audio Sample Rate - 32Khz
- Frequency Range - 20Hz - 20KHz
- Output Power - 4mW + 4mz
- Maximum Recording Files - 200
- Dimensions - 64 x 20 x 8mm
- Packaging - Blister
- Operating System - supports all Microsoft operating systems including Windows Vista & Windows 7 32 and 64 bit


DVR10 mini USB digital voice recorder user instructions here.


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