4033 Microphone Windshield x5 Lapel Interview Mic Foams W x 21 mm L x 19 mm W x 7.5 mm

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A pack of 5 Microphone Windshields Assorted Sizes to keep that pesky noise off the mic. A Functionally styled, controlled-density foam windshield. This type fits most slimline electret lapel microphones and some smaller handheld mics. Also ideal for car kit microphones, pc and gamer microphone headsets.

Unexpanded internal diameters of 4mm (small) to 20mm (large) Length
    Essential for suppressing explosive breath sounds, wind noise, squeals and booming effects.
    Available only in black in 4 model and sixes, compatable with the ultradisk range of digital microphones and lots others.. each pack contains 5 windshields of the same size. Add 1 pack to basket, not sold individually.

W x 21 mm
L x 19 mm
W x 7.5 mm
(inner diameter)

W x 26 mm
L x 24 mm
W x 10 mm
(inner diameter)

W x 30 mm
L x 22 mm
W x 7.5 mm
(inner diameter)

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